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Annual Volunteer Recognition Event
We'd like to give a BIG THANK YOU to every volunteer who has supported us during our 2012-2013 Campaign year. Please read this awesome article featured in the Yuma Daily Sun:
Released: September 20th, 2012 | Read More
Help spread the word about free tax preparation assistance & tax credit for low-income workers
Tax season is over but its never too early to start preparing for next year!
Released: April 2nd, 2012 | Read More

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Saddles of Joy Volunteer Day

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Campaign Toolbox

"Fun-raising" In the Workplace

United Way campaigns can be fun, morale-building activities that bring a staff together in addition to doing something good for the community. These can be used to enhance the traditional method of simply distributing pledge forms and brochures. The following list of activities can be easily planned and executed with the help of United Way staff and volunteers. Ideas can be mixed and tweaked to fit in your workplace. But don't feel like you have to go it alone! Just call the United Way of Yuma County at 783-0515 for additional help.

Baby Picture Contest. Try your luck matching baby pictures of fellow staff members.

Bed Races. A great activity for a hospital. Each department forms a team to push the department head through a designated course. Participants raise funds by collecting pledges, paying an entry fee, or betting on who the crowd thinks will win.

Book/DVD/Video Sales. Have co-workers bring in their used books, dvds and videos and sell them to raise money for United Way.

Bowling for Dollars. Recruit some teams and have a group bowling night, raising money via entry fees or per pin donations.

Casino Night. Invite employees and their families to an after-hours event at the company, with food and games for the entire family, all benefiting the United Way.

Casual Dress Days. Sell casual day badges allowing employees to dress down on certain days, or use as incentives to folks to make a pledge. If your business already has a casual or jeans day each week, try something different, such as Stupid Hat Day, Outrageous Socks Day, or Favorite Sports Team Day.

Chair Message. Bring in a massage therapist for a day and allow all those who submit a pledge form to sit down to a relaxing chair message.

Children's Drawing Contest. Give employees official photographs of top management to take home to their children. The kids then draw their own portrait of your fearless leader. Upon the return of to work, there is a $5 entry fee to display the portraits and folks can vote on the one they like best.

Chili Cook-off Contest. Employees cook their favorite recipe and enter it into the contest. Participants pay to sample all of the entries.

Coffee Cart. Go from workspace to workspace with coffee and treats.

Comedy Hour/Talent Show/American Idol Contest. Employees and their family members perform during this amateur hour!

Company Softball Game. Pick teams by having the "coaches" draft players by spending the most money (pledges) to get them.

Cookbook. Collect the favorite recipes of your co-workers and publish the results.

Craft Sale. This allows employees a chance to share their hobbies and creative talents.

Diet for United Way. Hold a contest to see who can lose the most weight over a month-long period. Each person pays a set amount for every pound lost or gained.

Employee Cookbook. Collect recipes and helpful household hints from employees and publish them with pictures from staff members' children. Sell them to benefit United Way.

Formal Dress Days. Tired of casual Fridays? Dress to the nines instead with prizes for the fanciest dresses and snazziest tuxedos!

Games of Chance. Put your money on a number and spin the wheel for prizes. Or have a jar of candy, coins, or perhaps something made by your company and have folks guess the number of pieces in the jar.

Garage Sale. Have employees clean out their closets and set up a company-wide garage sale to benefit the United Way.

Jail 'n Bail. Transform an office into a jail cell, "arrest" your "prisoners," and have them make telephone calls to fellow staff members to "bail" them out.

Karaoke Party. Participants ask employees to support them by pledging a certain amount of money to sing a certain song.

Miniature Golf. Set up a mini-golf course at the workplace, using slinkies, ramps, "water hazards," sand traps. Enter teams at $10 a person and have a mini-golf outing just like one on a real course!

Office Pool. Adds interest and excitement to football weekends. Proceeds to UW.

Pet Photo Contest. Employees post a picture of their pet(s) and co-workers pay an amount to vote for the cutest, ugliest, most unusual, and funniest pet.

Pumpkin Carving Contest. Plan a Halloween theme and hold a pumpkin carving contest. It would cost $5 or $10 to enter your pumpkin and $1 to vote. Have different categories so that you can have multiple winners. Families could carve the pumpkins at home and Mom or Dad can bring them in and enter them in the contest. Or departments could carve their own and enter them.

Raffle. Have someone donate a prize or raffle off a paid day off. To enter the raffle, you must turn in a pledge form with a minimum pledge.

Scrabble for United Way. Have a Scrabble tournament and the number of points you score equals your pledge to United Way.

Scavenger Hunt. Employees have to find unusual items around the office or the neighborhood. You can plant items for employees to discover. Teams can be formed and pay an entry fee to participate.

Special Delivery. Sell flowers or deliver candy.

Spelling Bee. Hold an old-school spelling bee with participants paying an entry fee and observers wagering on the winner.

Tailgate Party. Before a big sporting event, hold a Friday tailgate party at lunch, complete with hot dogs, chips, music, etc.

Treasure Chest/Let's Make a Deal. "Contestants" pay money for a key that might unlock a box full of prizes. Only one key is the right one.

Tricycle Races. Set up a relay course in the parking lot and have contestants race through while being timed. Observers can wage money on their favorites with the proceeds to benefit the United Way.

Trivial Pursuit/Jeopardy Game Show. Have a game show with contestants and an audience. The winners' prize money would be donated to the United Way.

Ugly Tie/Earring Contest. Have everyone wear their ugliest tie or earrings to work one day. Folks can vote on the worst one after turning in their pledge form. Take pictures of the "winners."

Vending Machines. Raise the cost of vending machine items during your campaign with the difference going to the United Way.

White Elephant Sale. Employees donate unique items that others can buy.

Low Cost/No Cost Raffle Items

  • Long-lunch passes
  • Sports/Show Tickets
  • Extra paid vacation days
  • Lottery tickets
  • Shares of company stock
  • Special Parking spot
  • Restaurant gift certificates

10 Ways to Get the Word Out

  1. Email/Intranet messages.
  2. Company intranet postings
  3. Articles and ads in employee newsletter
  4. Payroll Stuffers
  5. Calendars of campaign events
  6. Posters/fliers/banners: elevators, stair wells, inside of restroom stall doors, cafeteria, water cooler, break area, coffee machine.
  7. Announcements at staff meetings.
  8. Piece of candy or event-related item with a reminder tied to it.
  9. Table tents
  10. Voicemail messages.
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